Grey. TAIGA Russian Army Weapon Coatings

Grey. TAIGA Russian Army Weapon Coatings

Colour: Grey

In set:
1. Paint Taiga
2. Hardener
3. Solvent
4. Mixing container
5. Syringes for mixing proportions
6. Instruction for painting


Shipping: Russia (1-2 weeks)


“TAIGA” Russian Weapon Paint was specially developed in 2016 for the Russian Military - Industrial Complex as a special weapon finish for all types of  firearms  and  cold arms. Development of the paint finish was conducted at the Research Institute of Paintworks in collaboration with a Russian arms manufacturing plant.


The paint finish underwent a full cycle of field  and  laboratory testing ( salt fog, wear resistance ) and is the  first Russian  wear - resistant  paint with a palette of 50 colours.  The paint is tinted and can be applied to any type of metal and alloy, as well as some polymers.

  • “TAIGA” Russian Weapon Paint Instructions

    1.  Surface preparation

    1.1  For better adhesion, we surface the surface with any abrasive materials.
    1.2  Then remove the mechanical impurities, oils, salt and degrease the surface with a solvent "Taiga" or    degreaser. During the application and drying of the paint, the air temperature of the surface to be painted and the material must be above + 15 ° C (recommended temperature 20 ± 2 ° C or more).


    2.  Application of paint and drying

    2.1  Before use, mix the paint well.  
    2.2  Then mix with Hardener in a volume ratio of 5: 1. (Where 5 ml - Paint, and 1 ml - Hardener).  
    2.3  Allow to stand for about 20 minutes.  
    2.4  If necessary, add a solvent of about 5 to 20 ml.  To the desired consistency of the finished mixture.  (Depending on the method and parameters of air dispersion, the Solvent ratio can be different).  
    2.5  Apply to the surface in 2 layers, with an intermediate exposure between the layers - 15 minutes.  
    2.6  Leave for at least 60 minutes before finishing.  
    2.7  Dry at 150 ° C for about 45 minutes in a convenient way for you.  With the help of: Infrared oven, in the oven, a construction hair dryer.


    3.  Advice

    3.1  A drying hair dryer can also be used for drying.  Evenly heat the surface for about 45 minutes at a temperature of 150 ° C.  
    3.2  It is recommended to use drying at a temperature of 50 ° C for about 45 minutes to paint products from plastics (buttresses, shops). If the material allows, the drying temperature can be increased.  If the product is not subjected to strong external influences, then the drying can be avoided.  
    3.3  When using a pneumatic spraying method, the recommended nozzle diameter is at least 0.5 mm.  
    3.4  Upon completion of work, flush equipment and tools with solvents "Taiga".

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