VORON Original Soviet Weapon Finish

VORON Original Soviet Weapon Finish

Made in Russia (city Izhevsk)

Voron weapon coating is a base AK coating compund that was developed at the Izhevsk arms plant in the USSR at the end of the 70's and differs from other weapon coatings through its technical properties and components it is comprised of.

Black metal coating consisting of the same components and recipe of the original Soviet finish used on the AK, PKM, and SVD family. Can be applied to metal components and parts of any weapon or replica based on Soviet or modern Russian design, including AK, AKM, SVD, Saiga, PKM.

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    Instructions for Application of Voron.
    Original Weapon Finish.
    1. Preparation:
    Before beginning the painting procedure, it is necessary to degrease the surfaces the finish will be applied to (using alcohol, anti-silicone, special solvents). If required, remove remnants of the old paint/finish using an abrasive surface (sand - paper), cleaning and degreasing afterwards. Bare metal surfaces must be phosphatized using orthophosphate acid (soldering acid) or aerosol etching primer phosphating ( example: Monowash PRO SPECTRUM and others... ).
    In cases of light wear on the metal, phosphatization is not required, only light matting using an abrasive surface and cleaning/degreasing.
    2. Finish application:
    Finish is applied using the “wet on wet” method, with aerograph, air-brush (with a
    nozzle from 0.7 mm) or a universal Preval sprayer.
    For the best results, apply 2-6 layers of the finish. After every layer, the finish must be allowed to dry at room temperature for about 40 minutes. When the painting
    process is complete, the painted item is dried in natural conditions at a temperature no lower than 25 degrees (centigrade) for around 6-9 hours.
    3. Drying:
    After the finish has fully dried, the painted item must be “baked.” In home conditions, this can be achieved using an oven or hair-dryer. An alternative method is to hang the painted item above a lit gas burner. In industrial conditions, a muffle - furnace may be used.
    The painted item is baked at 90 to 140 degrees (centigrade) for around 45-60 minutes.
    After cooling, if desired, the painted items can be wiped with warn neutral oil.
    Depending on the required consistency, the paintcan be diluted using 647 solvent or solvent for automobile acryllic paints, but no more than 30% overall.
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